Allaoua Nedjaï

Depuis 2005 CEO RH Partners Consulting in Human Resources, recruitement, coaching, consulting services in intercultural management and communication. Managing Metz, Algiers and Luxembourg offices.

Secteur : Conseil

1990 - 2004 Sales Management Europe General Electric Process Automation in the energy segment, then CNC for the Automotive industry. Successively Manager Technical Services France, Sales Manager Process Automation Europe, CEO Silvertech (30% GE Capital) / EEL JV, Sales Executive Automotive GE FANUC JV Europe.

Secteur : Electrique et électronique

1988 - 1990 Professeur CFPA C AFPA Training coordinator teacher, in Industrial Automation

Secteur : Formation professionnelle

1984 - 1988 PROJECT MANAGER PGF Project Manager Industrial Automation for the steel industry.

Secteur : Sidérurgie et métallurgie

Fanuc GE CNC France S.A.S. Secteur : Industrie

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